Will I have a love marriage or arranged marriage? Consult Today & Get your Marriage prediction

Want to love love? Know which form of love marriage is sure in the horoscope.

Love-marriage means to marry your choice, now whether life partners belong to our caste or not. Sometimes marriages happens in our caste and sometimes inter-caste love marriages take place. But what are the conditions which are responsible for love marriage. Know the insite of love marriage in the Horoscope or Astrology.

love marriage or arranged marriage? Consult Today & Get your Marriage prediction

In the horoscope of any person, the fifth house shows the relationship of love, while the seventh house is related to marriage. Venus is the causative planet of the seventh house, so when there is an auspicious combination of Panchamesh-Saptamesh and Venus, both husband and wife have a deep affection relationship. In such a planetary state, love marriage is possible.

Love marriage is possible even if the plattern sitting in 5th house and is accociated with the lord of 7th house belonging to Venus Saptamesh 

Love marriage is possible even if the zodiac sign of Panchamesh and Saptamesh changes. That is, the fifth sign is sitting in the seventh house and the seventh sign is in the fifth house.

The eyes (Drishthi) of Mars and Venus on each other is a sign of love marriage.

Love marriage can happen even if there is a combination of Sun and Delighted (Harshal)  in fifth or seventh house.

If this type of yoga happens in the horoscope, then love marriage is formed. Love marriage does not necessarily mean marriage outside of caste. Love marriage means marriage where your heart says. So check your horoscope before both love and marriage.

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