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How to match horoscope for marriages?

Horoscope matching or Gunmilan is the first step before wedding. Couples are said to be made in heaven, and this saying is true when two people live happily with each other. This is why Hindu astrology insists on matching horoscopes before tying a couple in a knot. Whether it is done by your family astrology, or parents, horoscope matching for marriage is an important aspect of Hindu marriage.

Kundali Milan is also known as Patrika Milan, which is based on the centuries-old Ashtakoot method and is done to know the compatibility of two people. Youngsters (new generation) also believe in using the Love Calculator to know their love compatibility and the compatibility of zodiac with their partner to know the existence of their relationship.

Horoscope matching by name and date of birth is based on Gun matching.

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In Hindu tradition, horoscope matching is an important ritual for the success of a marriage. It is the process of matching the bride's and groom's horoscopes (birth-chart), a process that determines whether their stars bear a resemblance to a successful and happy marriage. It is often referred to as horoscope matching, birth chart matching, Horoscope matching for marriage is based on several factors where the horoscope matching  is also known as  (Gun Matching).

Horoscope matching by date of birth and name is the best and accurate way to establish compatibility between boy and girl. It can be used to know the auspicious time for the wedding ceremony, so that a long and pleasant relationship can be enjoyed.

Kundli Matching

The horoscope matching report is based on three major factors-

  1. Gun Matching Score.
  2. Presence of manglic Dosha
  3. Power of Navamsa chart 
  4. Gun Milan Score

Based on the birth details of the bride and groom, eight gunas or ashtakutas are calculated. The compatibility between these eight qualities determines the fate of marriage. These qualities are as follows:

 वर्ण -Varna - The first quality compares the caste of Varna or groom and bride. The groom's character must be either equal to or greater than the bride's character. This aspect also highlights the mental compatibility between the two.

वैश्य -Wasya - This quality helps determine which of the two will be more effective and controlling.

 तारा- Tara - The birth constellations or stars of the bride and groom are compared which indicate the healthy quotient of a relationship.

योनि - Yoni - Sexual compatibility between the prospective pair can be determined with this quality.

गृह मैत्री- Planet Friendship - Intellectual and mental relationship between future couple can be seen through the Planets friendship property.

गण- Gana - This quality helps in determining the compatibility between the personality, behavior, attitude and attitude of both.

नाड़ी  -भकूत -Bhakut - The Bhakoot property refers to the state of financial prosperity and family welfare after marriage. After marriage, how will the groom as well as the groom's profession increase?

Nadi - This is the final quality that holds the maximum number of points and thus is the most important. It tells about the health of the entire family after marriage. With this quality, cases of childbirth and child are also determined. The presence of a pulse defect can affect the likelihood of marriage.

Value or Score of Each  Gun or Guna. 

1 वर्ण -character 1

2 वैश्य- Vaishya 2

3 तारा- star 3

4 योनि - Yoni 4

5गृह मैत्री - Planets Friendship 5

6 गण -Gana 6

7 भकूत- Bhakut 7

8 नाड़ी -pulse 8

How many properties must be matched in horoscope matching?

For a happy, successful and happy marriage, the minimum horoscope matching number should be between 18-24. If the number is less than 18, marriage is not advised. If the number is above 24, it is a perfect number for a blissful and trouble-free married life.

Sum of attribute matching predicts for probability of marriage

<18 marriage is not recommended

18-24 Average Matches - Marriage Possible

24-32 Successful Marriages - Always Recommended

32-36 Milan made in heaven - highly recommended.

Is online horoscope reliable for marriage? Can you trust a computerized horoscope matching report? Interestingly, online horoscope matching software is the best and most demanding way to generate accurate horoscope matching reports.

But we should always consult with a astrologers so there is no confusion and doubts and ther can suggest are remeddies for a happy and healthy marrige.

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